Steps to Take Prior to Septic Tank Installation

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While many properties have the privilege of accessing municipal sewage systems, many others must rely on their own water treatment systems. Homes that are located in rural areas, for instance, usually require a septic system to manage their waste.

Steps to Take Prior to Septic Tank Installation

The septic system is fairly simple. As waste leaves the home through the main pipe, it enters the septic tank. There, liquid and solid waste separate, with the liquid being filtered through the soil in a drain field. If you need septic tank installation, here are a few steps that should be taken first:

  • Conduct a site assessment. Before you can install a septic tank safely, you need a professional to examine the site. They will take note of the soil and other conditions that may affect your septic system so that they can design one that will function safely without harming the environment.
  • Research septic system types. After a professional has conducted a site assessment and relayed their findings to you, it’s time to choose a type of septic system. You may be required to install a specific type of system, such as an aerobic system, depending on your site’s location and other factors. If you have a choice, you’ll need to research the pros and cons to determine which is best for your needs.
  • Obtain permits. Regulations vary by location, but you should always investigate them and apply for the appropriate permits before starting septic tank installation. The company installing the septic tank for you can usually handle this step.

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