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We fell into the business of septic services… literally!

About Rooks Backhoe in Pender County, North Carolina
There are many different ways for someone to end up in a particular business. At Rooks Backhoe, we fell into septic services… literally! Our owner was a truck driver for 20 years before he married Susan and decided to come off the road. He was comfortable being in business for himself so he decided to start a backhoe business. He was working at a home in an area that was supposed to be far from where the septic tank was located – except the information he was given turned out to be inaccurate. As a result, his backhoe footer collapsed into the tank, and he was faced with needing to repair the septic tank.

Being a consummate problem solver, he learned how to do just that and got his license so he could do the repair. He has been providing septic services ever since. That was roughly 25 years ago, and Rooks Backhoe has since grown into a strong family business, with Susan running the office and their son also joining the team. They are also proud of their daughter, who is planning to complete college for nursing and be a missionary.

We learned early on that our customers with rural properties in Pender County, North Carolina often need more than just a septic system installed or repaired. Rather than just stop the backhoe work, we kept it up and added in other helpful services, including hauling and delivery services for sand, dirt, gravel, and rock, as well as gravel services and drainage repair. We may have fallen into our work by accident, but we definitely found the silver lining, and we are confident you’ll appreciate our “homegrown” attitude as a life-long resident of this area.