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Gravel, or aggregation made up of small rock fragments, has many purposes. It can be used for outdoor pathways, driveways, patios, and more. There are all kinds of options in terms of color, the types of rocks, and the size of the fragments, which allows you to create a unique look on your property. Gravel also helps to create proper drainage and prevent erosion.

Choose Our Company for Gravel Services

If you need gravel services for any reason, our team is the one to turn to in Pender County, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. At Rooks Backhoe, we can offer the following gravel services:

  • Gravel Hauling – Even if you have a smaller gravel project in mind, you probably don’t have the vehicle or other equipment needed to transport it to your property. We do. You can count on our team to load up our truck with the gravel you need, haul it safely to your property, and unload it.
  • Gravel Spreading – Some companies will haul your gravel and leave it at that, forcing you to hire someone else to actually spread the gravel on the ground for you. We have the skills we need to provide gravel spreading and to ensure the surface is even by the time we are finished.
  • Gravel Driveway Repair – If your gravel driveway has ruts, holes, or other damages that need attention, all you need to do is call our team for gravel driveway repair. We’ll fill the gaps and provide other solutions to get your driveway back in excellent condition.

Contact us today to schedule gravel services.