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We can help with all your land grading needs, from preparing a construction site to grading for proper drainage.

There are various reasons you may find yourself in need of land grading in New Hanover County, North Carolina. You may need to have a surface leveled and smoothed to get it ready for a new foundation before a construction project can begin. Or perhaps you are looking to install, build, or repair a driveway that provides access to your property from a state-maintained highway. Another common reason for land grading is to create a specific slope for the benefit of proper water drainage or other reasons.

Land Grading in New Hanover County, North Carolina

No matter the reason, we can help with all your land grading needs in New Hanover County or the surrounding area, from preparing a construction site to grading for proper drainage. We have 25 years of experience and have all the knowledge, equipment, and skills needed to assess your property and make recommendations that ensure that your land grading results perform as needed. We can work with property owners, construction companies, contractors, and anyone else who needs land grading for either a residential property or a commercial enterprise.

At Rooks Backhoe, we are a locally owned and family-operated business. We have all the general liability coverage needed to protect everyone involved in your land grading project, as well as all the proper certifications to ensure that we can take care of all your needs. You will appreciate our friendly and responsive approach. Give us a call now, and we will answer promptly and provide answers to your questions or get your job scheduled.

At Rooks Backhoe, we offer land grading services in Pender County, New Hanover County, and Rocky Point, North Carolina.