4 Applications for Our Professional Backhoe Services [infographic]

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 At Rooks Backhoe, our backhoe services are backed by the right high-quality equipment, experience, and commitment to a job well done. Below, we’ve covered four separate times where you should call and have us come and provide backhoe services:

  1. Land clearing—To start any type of construction project, the site must be unencumbered by overgrown brush, trees, and plants. We can make space for your project by effectively clearing the land on the building site.

4 Applications for Our Professional Backhoe Services

  1. Land grading—Having standing water near buildings and other structures can result in serious structural damage and mold. With our backhoe services, we can effectively grade your land, so that the slope moves water away from any structures on your property.
  2. Ditch trenching—If you don’t have a drainage plan in place for your property, a sudden, heavy rainstorm can create a disaster. Use our backhoe services to dig trenches that divert water while preventing flooding and erosion.
  3. Excavation—If you need to move large amounts of dirt from one place to another, our backhoe services are the solution. We’ll efficiently excavate the area, paying special attention not to damage any surrounding buildings and landscaping.